Decision Intelligence

We combine the power of Data Science, Managerial Science and Behavioral Science to provide you frameworks for your optimized Decision Intelligence.  Since your problems are unique, our frameworks are customized to your industry and vertical.  To tailor to your specific enterprise needs, our experts work with you to come up with decisions that yield the best results.  We give advice, we implement it for you and ensure you achieve your results.

We understand that you may be just starting your Data Science journey.  We can assess your data capabilities, your potential for gain from Data Science, implement optimum pilots that translate into production systems easily.  We provide you a roadmap for your insights journey.

Measurement of Intangibles

How do you measure innovation?  How do you measure disruption?  How much ahead of your competition are you?  What is the value of your intangible assets (not just your patents and intellectual property, but also of your expertise and data)?  We can dive into these questions and help you answer them.

Bias Buster

The best decisions are tainted by bias.  Bias is inherent and everywhere.  We can detect, measure and address bias in your data, algorithms/models, and your people when they are making decisions as part of your products, processes and systems.  We can help you to identify and reduce biases that hamper your best outcomes.

Business Model Analysis and Advice

Our vast database of business models and our extensive experience with them can assess and analyze your business model.  We can effectively steer you from certain failures and stalemates.